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The Lord Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala, 80 kms. from the Pathanamthitta district head quarters, is a National Pilgrim Centre. This famous shrine of Lord Ayyappa is surrounded by hazardous hills like Karimala and Neelimala. Devotees visit Sabarimala after undergoing 41 days of ‘Vritha’ i.e., self-imposed devotional penance. They, with irumudikettu (bundle with offerings to Ayyappa) on their head, climb the mountain ranges and cross the forest bare footed repeatedly chanting ‘Saranam Ayyappa’ which means we seek refuge in Ayyappa. This is probably the only famous temple in Kerala, which does not restrict anybody from visiting it for not being a Hindu.


Malayattoor Church, a Christian pilgrim centre situated 52 kms from Kochi beside the Periyar River at the top of a hill. The pilgrims can reach the place only by foot. This church which was established in AD 900 is believed to have been blessed by St.Thomas, one of the Apostles of Christ.


Agastyakudam, near Thiruvananthapuram, a prominent peak of the Western Ghats, is a pilgrim centre of the Hindus. This place is also noted for it’s abundant Ayurvedic herbs


This famous Hindu pilgrim centre is situated at 48 kms north of Thiruvananthapuram. It is noted for it’s mineral springs.

Sivagiri and Aruvippuram

Aruvippuram of Thiruvananthapuram district is famous through the consecration of the 'Siva Idol' by Sree Narayana Guru. Sivagiri is a major pilgrim centre that attracts not only the local tourists but also travellers from abroad.

Ochira : A unique pilgrim centre in Kollam district known for its Advaita Philosphy. Here there is no temple or idol for the presiding deity ‘the Parabrahma’. The ritual performance ‘Ochirakali’, which is usually held in June gathers a huge crowd.

Maramon Convention

Every year in the month of February, banks of river Pamba plays host to a famous religious convention of Christians for 7 days. This convention is addressed by the speakers of international repute and attended by people from various other communities.

Cherukolpuzha Convention

The famous Hindu religious convention held on the banks of river Pamba. It is attended by a large number of people and addressed by prominent religious scholars and cultural personalities.

St. Francis Church, Fort Kochi

The first European church in India, which later became the model for building churches in elsewhere the country. Vasco da Gama, who died in Kochi during his second visit to Kerala.

Manarcad Church, Kottayam

St. Mary's Church, Manarcaud is one of the outstanding churches of the Syrian Jacobite Church of Kerala.

St. George Church, Edappally, Kochi

St. George Church, Edappally, Kochi has a past that touches 593 AD. This is one of the major pilgrim centres in Kerala where even non-Christians crowd for veneration. Even during the week- days devotees throng the church to genuflect before the statue of St. George to express their gratitude for favours received through the saint.

St. Mary's Church, Vallarpadam, Kochi

Vallarpadam, an enticing tiny islet is encircled by picturesque Kochi backwaters. The church on the eastern end of the island is a jewel on the island physique. The church was established in 1676 and the famous picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary was erected by Portuguese who brought it from their native land.