Gambling with my health and life was a way of living for me. I was an alcoholic since my youth. Everything I did, involved alcohol and it paralysed my self-consciousness.As a result I did and said things that a person in their normal sense would never do. All went well, or at least I thought so, until my life began to spiral down. Reality exposed itself and it was bitter. The consequences of my reckless youth led to strained relationships, dwindling health, job-risk, embarrassment to others and self - just to name a few.

I look back to those times and see that I have no idea what my family was doing, no memory of spending any time with them. I have regrettably missed important milestones in my children's life. However, By God's Grace, today, I am completely free from alcoholism. My post-addiction life is a rebirth. I am now in a better financial, mental, social and emotional state than I was before.

Since then a desire has awakened within me to inspire people on how I was set free from alcoholism. My earnest desire is to influence those who are dealing with the same addictions as mine, to be set free. My life has changed in ways that are beyond belief. I have faith in the future and I am no longer ashamed of my past.

Hence, I extend an invitation to all who are fighting addiction and /or their families or friends to join me in a detailed conversation about how my destiny was changed from being an alcoholic to that of a happy person living a stable and accomplished life. From my experience, I strongly believe, we can change the course of our lives if we choose to. If I did, why can't you?